January 11, 2015 a small group of friends and family of Abel gathered in remembrance of his 80 day memorial at his family home in Silver Spring, MD. On the memorial, they talked about how Abel’s infectious smile, glamorous personality, positive attitude and proven reputation continue to be an inspiration to all his family, friends and people who had contact with him. He embodied optimistic characteristic that made him a loving son, a faithful friend and a great athlete. That is a character and a lifestyle many of his family and friends aspire to emulate and convert the positive energy they saw in him to something larger than life itself.

“What made Abel happy the most was helping others. Even now, I feel Abel is doing all of this. This is his work from heaven, I am just representing him!.”

Therefore they initiated a conversation of doing something to continue his legacy. With a blessing from Abel’s mother Lebsework Desalegn, his family and friends established this foundation in honor of Abel to continue his legacy and inspire others about Abel’s strengths, humble personality, including his dedication to his family and friends, his commitment to Soccer and his love to his country and fellow men. The inspiration for the foundation is derived from the hundreds of people, young and elderlies from all over the place who showed up for his funeral, spilling out at his family’s home and onto the Churches to mourn him both in the US AND Ethiopia. To accomplish what Abel dreamed of doing his family has pledged $3,000.00 dollar to help start this foundation and rely on future donation from kind people like you to ensure that the neediest children receive the support they need to grow up healthy, educated, and prepared for the future.